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RANK 15: Growing Your Wealth is Boring with Dan Bradbury

December 05, 2023 Ian Morgan Season 1 Episode 19
The Leaky Bucket
RANK 15: Growing Your Wealth is Boring with Dan Bradbury
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Show Notes

Dan Bradbury is the owner of a private equity group and his primary focus is as an investor who specialises in taking companies already producing multiple six figures in revenue and accelerates their growth to over £10 million.
 His love of numbers and finances is what sets him apart and allows him to find the hidden assets and weaknesses within the businesses that he invests in and the business owners that he consults.
 He started out with nothing and built himself up from the ground up.
 Dan’s specialty is maximising the value of a business, whether it be simply to keep the business and reap the rewards or to exit the business for a big payout he has done on seven different occasions.
 If you like to learn more on what DAN do, head on to his socials:

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