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RANK 16: A Journey to Outstanding with Sonia Gill of Heads Up

December 04, 2023 Ian Morgan Season 1 Episode 15
The Leaky Bucket
RANK 16: A Journey to Outstanding with Sonia Gill of Heads Up
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Show Notes

I and Sonia talked about how she lead her business and her clients' to go on a Journey to Outstanding.

Sonia is the Director of Heads Up Limited and they specialise moving primary schools to outstanding by developing an outstanding school culture. She's a qualified teacher, business leader, author, and leadership coach.

Heads Up supported hundreds of heads and senior school leaders move their school toward outstanding, creating the school they’ve dreamt of leading but haven’t achieved yet.

Creating a compelling vision.
Having successful difficult conversations.
Developing your team’s skills quickly.

She's the Author of the Methodologies ‘Journey to Outstanding’ and 'Successful Difficult Conversation in School' to equip school leadership teams with these skills so they can create a lasting and outstanding culture which you can see at

Heads Up's mission is to make every Primary school in the UK outstanding, yes in terms of Ofsted but also in being centres of excellence in all of our communities.

If you like to learn more on what SONIA GILL & HEADS UP do, head on to their socials:

Heads Up Website
Sonia's LinkedIn
Email them at

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